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About Us

PRO-manage Property Management, LLC is a locally based company that is passionate about providing tenants and property owners in the Idaho Falls region with impeccable property-management service.

iStock_000010186195_Large copyEstablished in 2005, we’ve worked day in and day out to refine and strengthen our approach. At PRO-manage, we don’t sit back and rest on our laurels: Our goal is to always improve.

Making sure we’re attending to all of the needs of our clients is how we direct our daily efforts. If you’re looking for a great rental home in Idaho Falls or Ammon, we’ll work tirelessly until we’ve linked you with the ideal space in our inventory—and then we’ll keep working to make sure you’re happy there.

And if you’re an income-property owner, we’ll listen closely to your goals for your investment and then turn those dreams into reality through our management actions.